The Gender Data Playbook for Women’s Financial Inclusion

Topic: Women’s Financial Inclusion
Type: Manual
Author: data, Financial Alliance for Women Date: May 2023

A step-by-step guide for financial ecosystem stakeholders on how to boost the systematic collection of high-quality, supply-side, sex-disaggregated financial data to drive women’s financial inclusion.

The Gender Data Playbook for Women’s Financial Inclusion is designed as a hands-on, user-friendly manual, incorporating tools, resources, insights, and lessons learned from the WFID Partnership’s pilot work for those focused on advancing women’s financial inclusion (WFI) through data in their own markets. It lays out a five-step process that can jump-start a country’s data disaggregation journey or help improve its existing gender data practices.

The playbook audience includes the range of ecosystem stakeholders that want to improve the collection and use of gender data at the national level:

  • Policymakers: central banks, regulatory bodies, gender, and financial inclusion departments
  • International financial institutions
  • Financial inclusion-focused think tanks or NGOs
  • Financial sector trade associations
  • Financial institutions interested in championing women’s financial inclusion in their markets

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