Towards Women’s Financial Inclusion: Gender Data Diagnostics of Six Countries

Topic: Women’s Financial Inclusion
Type: Report
Author: data, Financial Alliance for Women Date: June 2022
In 2020, the Women’s Financial inclusion Data (WFID) partnership, a coalition to improve the availability, production, and use of sex-disaggregated data to promote women’s financial inclusion, launched a three-year gender data project in six countries (Bangladesh, Honduras, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey) to understand the state of women’s financial inclusion (WFI) and gender data at the national level.

The resulting six country diagnostics offer detailed assessments of the availability and use of gender data for achieving women’s financial inclusion, including the opportunities to intervene, close data gaps, and expand access to financial services. The accompanying synthesis brief summarizes the main findings and lessons learned from the gender data diagnostics conducted in each country. These reports can serve as a resource for governments, financial services providers, and other stakeholders interested in improving their own gender data and financial services ecosystems.

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