Measuring Women’s Financial Inclusion: The Value of Sex-Disaggregated Data

Topic: Women’s Financial Inclusion
Type: Report
Author: data, Global Banking Alliance for Women, The Inter-American Development Bank Date: October 2016

Efforts to close the gender gap in access to financial services are gaining momentum, but we need more sex-disaggregated data.

Without sex-disaggregated data on women’s financial inclusion, it will be impossible to tell how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

While the collection and use of global and national-level sex-disaggregated demand-side data is improving, there are currently no reliable and comparable supply-side datasets. 

These are essential to help policymakers understand how well financial service providers are serving women and how effective their policies are in promoting full financial inclusion.

In this report, Data2X, the Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA), and the Inter-American Development Bank joined forces to:

  • Map the current state of sex-disaggregated data in the financial sector—both at the global and national levels.
  • Better understand sex-disaggregated data gaps.
  • Share lessons learning on its collection, value and use. 

Read the report here.

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