About Us

Data2X is a civil society organization and gender data alliance, working with partners to improve the production and use of gender data through strategic partnerships, research, advocacy, and communications.

Our Mission

To improve the quality, availability, and use of gender data to make a practical difference in the lives of women and girls worldwide.

Our Vision

A future where gender data guides smart policymaking for greater gender equality.

How We Work

Collaboration is Data2X’s guiding principle and signature way of working. This reflects our core strength: our convening power based on the trust we have earned from government, private sector, civil society, and academic partners. In the coming years, Data2X will play an even more active facilitator role, mobilizing stakeholders around a cooperative global approach to fill gender data gaps.

Our Impact

Over the past ten years, Data2X has evolved from a small start-up to a recognized global civil society organization with the networks and expertise to drive progress on gender data. Data2X’s work has concretely defined the gender data problem, improved data availability in key domains, and made gender data a priority within the development community.

Our Strategic Priorities

Data2X works towards three strategic outcomes:

  • Improving gender data investment: Data2X advocates for the investments required to fill gender data gaps. This includes tracking patterns of gender data investment, guiding and supporting public sector partners to evaluate and articulate their gender data investment needs, and assisting with donor coordination and collaboration.
  • Improving access to gender data and encouraging its use: Over the past ten years, Data2X has helped our partners generate and make high-quality gender data openly available. We will continue our work to ensure that data is easily accessible and used by scientists, advocates, and decision-makers.
  • Catalyzing demand for gender data: While gender data is now recognized as a global development priority, there is still relatively low demand by policymakers for gender data. Data2X catalyzes demand and promotes mutual accountability for gender data by sharing best practices and lessons learned in advocacy and policy implementation, by strengthening the visibility and capacity of gender data champions and tracking gender data commitments.

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