Women’s Financial Inclusion Data Partnership

The Challenge

There is a persistent global gender gap in financial inclusion. Women worldwide are less likely than men to have bank accounts and access to credit and loans. Women remain both unserved and underserved compared to men in all segments, from bottom-of-the-pyramid to high-net-worth.

These gaps continue because of a widespread lack of awareness of the multi-trillion-dollar opportunity to serve the women’s market. Gender data is key for policymakers and financial service providers to understand the gender financial inclusion gap and the women’s market opportunity and to create tailored solutions for women. However, gaps in the collection, quality, and use of gender data pose a major barrier to progress.

The Women’s Financial Inclusion Data Partnership, coordinated by Data2X and The Financial Alliance is working to change this reality.

Current Partners

Where We Work

The WIFID Partnership is undertaking pilot projects in six countries aimed at developing gender data supply-side interventions to increase women’s financial inclusion in partnership with the public and private sectors:


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