A Data-Driven Path to Women’s Financial Inclusion: Insights from Financial Service Providers

Topic: Women’s Financial Inclusion
Type: Report
Author: Data2X, Financial Alliance for Women Date: July 2020

As more financial service providers (FSPs) across the world increase their efforts toward inclusion, data is playing an important role in unlocking the market opportunity that women represent.

But although financial inclusion data is becoming increasingly available to FSPs, significant gaps persist when it comes to collecting and effectively using sex-disaggregated data. We are at a critical point where we must embrace the challenge of closing gender data gaps to continue the industry’s momentum towards inclusive finance.

With this in mind, Data2X’s Women’s Financial Inclusion Data (WFID) partnership, including the Financial Alliance for Women, convened a dialogue series titled “Data Driving Action for Women” in 2019 consisting of three separate roundtables that brought together approximately 100 financial services professionals.

These knowledge exchanges revealed how much potential lies in the use of data not only to drive financial inclusion but also to hasten the closing of the gender gap when it comes to women’s access and use of financial services.

This report gathers key insights and cases discussed during the roundtables and is complemented by additional primary and secondary research conducted before and after the series.

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