10 Years of Believing in the Power of Gender Data

December 20, 2021

Dear Data2X Partners and Friends,

As many parents say, “The days are long, but the years are short” and that rings clearer each year, especially after nearly two years of the pandemic. I feel the same as I think about Data2X, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary (tenth!) in 2022.

Data2X has come a long way since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for its creation in July 2012, and I’m filled with awe, gratitude, and inspiration for what we’ve accomplished together over the past ten years. Gender data has shifted from a niche topic to a movement, and it’s all thanks to partners like you, who fundamentally believe in the power of gender data to improve people’s lives.

In just one decade, we defined the gender data problem, improved data availability, and helped make gender data more of a “household name” in both domestic and global policy spaces. We and our partners have shown that gender data—and its use in decision making by government, civil society, private sector leaders—is the bedrock of more inclusive, healthy, and safe communities.

In the coming years, we want leaders to act on the fact that supporting and using gender data is foundational to any progress on gender equality. If leaders are to walk the talk on improving women’s and girls’ health, safety, and wellbeing, then gender data must be central to that journey. But they won’t be alone in this effort.

Data2X will continue to guide, drive, and track progress on gender equality by improving gender data financing, gender data availability and use, demand for gender data, through ever stronger data system collaborations. Next year, the most visible manifestation of that will be the release of Data2X’s first-ever State of Gender Data Initiative. This report and interactive digital experience will leverage our independent civil society perspective to present a global snapshot of our collective progress on gender data, including recommendations for building momentum for the future.

Data2X has come a long way since our inception ten years ago, and there is still much to be done in the 10 years ahead. I am deeply excited for what our continued work means for the billions of women and girls whose lives could be improved by policies informed by data that reflects their experience and contributions.  I’m heartened that I get to work every day to enact change with incredible colleagues, partners, and donors who understand that a world where quality gender data is available, cross-cutting, and used by policymakers is not only possible, but also within reach.

It’s that kind of high note on which I like to end the year—and letters like these. I wish you and your loved ones a healthy, happy, and fulfilling new year.

With thanks and admiration,

Emily Courey Pryor

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