Using Violence Against Children Survey to Drive Change: A Case Study of Tanzania

Topic: Using Gender Data
Type: Case Study
Author: data, Together for Girls Date: December 2020

How did the collection and use of sex-disaggregated survey data in Tanzania help catalyze action on the issue of violence against children?

In 2008, seeking to catalyze action and change on violence against children — particularly sexual violence against girls — and increase awareness of the problem, the government of Tanzania, UN agencies, the United States government, and civil society worked together to design and implement a Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) in Tanzania.

The data on violence against boys and girls and the VACS’ multisectoral methodology and government-led coordination process catalyzed and shaped long-term, multi-sectoral change. This case study recounts the story of how the data came to be collected and the factors that led to its uptake and impact.

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