Building Political Will for Gender Data: Findings From 30 Countries

Topic: Using Gender Data
Type: Knowledge Brief
Author: data, FemDev (Kate Grantham) and Local Development Research Institute (Amina Nzinga and Muchiri Nyaggah) Date: March 2024

Gender data is a powerful lever for global progress, but its collection, analysis, and use remains chronically under-resourced worldwide—hindering progress towards gender-transformative sustainable development and more effective policymaking. Changing the status quo will necessarily require political will, yet the political environment surrounding gender data remains poorly understood. This research, conducted in partnership with Local Development Research Institute (LDRI) and FemDev Consulting across 30 countries, maps the contours of this environment as a critical first step toward developing effective advocacy strategies that incentivize greater political prioritization, championship, accountability, and resourcing for gender data.

You can read the global synthesis report here.

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