United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) Guidelines to Producing Statistics on Violence Against Women (2014)

Topic: Producing Gender Data
Type: Manual
Author: United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) Date: May 2019

Violence against women is an obstacle that impedes progress on gender equality and development.

Requested by the UN Statistical Commission,this manual was created to help countries assess the scope, prevalence, and incidence of violence against women. 

Specifically, it aims to guide national statistical offices in the collection and use of data on violence against women by discussing:

  • “The role of statistical surveys in meeting policy objectives related to violence against women;
  • The essential features of these surveys;
  • The steps required to plan, organize and execute these surveys
  • The concepts that are essential for ensuring the reliable, valid, and consistent measurement of women’s experiences in accordance with core topics and;
  • A plan for data analysis and dissemination.”

Read the manual here.

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