Strengthening Gender Measures and Data in the COVID-19 Era: An Urgent Need for Change

Topic: Producing Gender Data
Type: Report
Author: data Date: March 2021

COVID-19 may be gender blind, but it is not gender-neutral.

Emerging evidence shows tremendous gender disparities in the health and socioeconomic consequences of the pandemic, however, a lack of gender data impedes our ability to measure, preempt, and respond.

Without addressing these gender data gaps and collection obstacles, we cannot fully understand or mitigate the gendered impacts of the pandemic. The collection and use of timely, quality gender data by all data sources, official or non-official, is critical to recognizing and addressing gender inequalities.

This brief calls on National Statistical Systems and survey managers, funders, multilateral agencies, researchers, and policymakers to act in five key areas.

This brief was co-authored with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Labour Organization, the World Bank Group, PARIS21, UN Women, Global Health 50/50, Global Center for Gender Equality at Stanford University, the Center for Gender Equity and Health at the University of California at San Diego, and IWWAGE.

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