United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and Partners Training Videos on Gender Statistics

Topic: Producing Gender Data
Type: Video
Author: Date: May 2019

Gender statistics is a cross-cutting field that helps us understand how gender issues affect individuals and society.

The UNECE Statistical Division and partners developed training videos on a large number of gender statistics-related topics: 

  • Advocacy; 
  • Gender and population sub-groups; 
  • Gender pay gap; 
  • Gender-based violence; 
  • Measuring informal employment; 
  • Incorporating labor into gender statistics;
  • Reconciliation of family and work life;
  • Disseminating and communicating gender statistics;
  • Gender and decision-making; 
  • Time use surveys; 
  • Gender, entrepreneurship, and access to finance and;
  • Gender and infrastructure.

Explore the videos here.

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