New Report Identifies Practical Gender Data Solutions to Drive Gender Equality and Build Resilience

April 12, 2022



Washington, DC—As governments contend with the health and socio-economic effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other climate, environmental and humanitarian crises, the need for high-quality and timely sex-disaggregated data to identify and respond to the needs of vulnerable communities is more essential than ever. Yet, as the demand for gender data grows, national statistical offices are facing budget cuts and limited capacity.

“Transforming the Data Landscape: Solutions for Gender Data Gaps,” a joint report released today by Data2X and Open Data Watch, seeks to mitigate these challenges by identifying proven gender data solutions across six key development areas—economic opportunity, education, environment, health, human security and public participation—which can be implemented by policymakers, researchers and civil society to close gender data gaps and drive gender equality and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By highlighting lessons learned along with providing access to a comprehensive solutions inventory, the report hopes to bridge the gap between data and action.

“When crises hit, women and girls are the most affected,” says Data2X Executive Director Emily Courey Pryor. “The last two years have taught us that any hope of recovery or long-term resilience must be grounded in decision making informed by gender data. This report makes clear that there are actions we can take right now to make gender-equitable recovery a reality.”

“At its core, this report is fundamentally optimistic,” says Open Data Watch Managing Director Shaida Badiee. “We know that data gaps remain, but thanks to this publication, decisionmakers committed to driving the SDG agenda forward now have more than 140 practical, peer-reviewed solutions that are ready to be implemented all in one place.”

The report and a forthcoming searchable online inventory are part of the State of Gender Data, a Data2X tenth anniversary signature initiative and digital experience which will provide a global snapshot of progress on gender data to date. The State of Gender Data will be released in the summer of 2022.


About Data2X

Data2X is a civil society organization and gender data alliance working with partners to improve the production and use of gender data through strategic partnerships, research, advocacy, and communications.

About Open Data Watch

ODW is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization that monitors progress and provides assistance to organizations that produce and manage official statistics on how to use open and accessible data to meet Sustainable Development Goals.”

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