A New Era for Data2X

January 18, 2022

Dear Data2X Friends and Partners, 

A new year brings new opportunities, and 2022 feels particularly auspicious as it marks the tenth anniversary of Data2X. In 2012, then-Secretary of State Clinton called for the creation of Data2X, and we answered that call, building not only a vibrant organization but also a dedicated movement, persistent in its commitment to gender data as a crucial driver of equality and sustainable development.

I could not be prouder of what our team, in partnership with each of you, has built over these ten years. Data2X has demystified the role of gender data in driving greater equality and expanded its reach beyond technical circles into civil society and political communities. We have mapped gender data gaps across the Sustainable Development Goals. We have built and strengthened a network of allies supporting gender data in national statistical offices, multilateral organizations, civil society, the private sector, the media, and academia. We have advocated for the use of gender data to drive the financial inclusion and economic empowerment of women, and we have pioneered work on the potential of using big data for understanding gender gaps. And we leveraged millions of donor and private sector investments in service of gender equality. That’s a lot in ten years, yet there is so much more work to be done.

As the COVID pandemic reminds us, change is not necessarily linear, and progress is not guaranteed. Tracking progress—or decline—and having the collective will to act and course correct will be the challenge of the years ahead.  Gender data must become a deeper part of this progress discussion if we are to understand how far we have come, the work still ahead—and who is overlooked or missing. While we have more gender data than we did in the past, we still don’t have all that we need, nor are we using the data we have to make the most equitable decisions for all people, and to safeguard our collective future. That is the challenge of the years ahead, and Data2X will evolve to meet it, using our partnerships and knowledge base to bring a sharpened focus on gender data use in policy and decision-making. 

As we begin our second decade, I believe this is the time to continue to grow the organization through new leadership. 

Later this spring, I will be stepping down as executive director. I am honored and humbled by the opportunity I have had to build and lead Data2X from its inception. We will share more information soon on the executive director job posting. For now, my heartfelt appreciation goes to our Data2X staff and board, to the United Nations Foundation which has hosted us since our founding, and of course to you, our partners, for the opportunity I’ve had to be part of this extraordinary organization. Regardless of my role, I will be a lifelong gender data champion, cheering from a different vantage point, and supporting wherever I can.

Thank you for a remarkable first decade. We have so much to celebrate, and so much strength to build upon.

With Deepest Gratitude, 

Emily Courey Pryor

A Message from Our Board Chair

On this pivotal 10-year anniversary of Data2X, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Emily Courey Pryor for her transformational leadership of Data2X over the past decade. Under Emily’s leadership, Data2X grew from a fledgling startup to the catalyst of a movement. We often say that what we measure matters, and Data2X has radically shifted our understanding of how to measure progress on gender equality and how to use gender data to illuminate in the most human way possible the challenges and contributions of the world’s women, girls, and other marginalized communities.

The Data2X Advisory Board will oversee recruitment for Emily’s successor and work to ensure a smooth transition before her departure in the late spring of 2022. We will also find many ways to celebrate Emily’s tenure and achievements before she and her family move on to their next adventure.

Data2X’s signature strengths of technical expertise alongside the ability to forge unlikely partnerships and an unwavering commitment to creating a more equitable world are in many ways Emily’s own. I know I speak for the entire board in expressing deep gratitude and admiration for Emily’s service and extending our warmest wishes to her in her next chapter.

Elizabeth Cousens

Data2X Board Chair

President and CEO, United Nations Foundation

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