• Transforming the Data Landscape: Solutions to Close Gender Data Gaps

    Despite decades of investment in promoting gender equality, gender data gaps continue to impede understanding of the lived experiences of women and girls. A lack ofsex-disaggregated data encumbers efforts to craft and monitor the effectiveness ofevidence-based policies that address gender inequalities. Moreover, even where thesedata are available, they are often underutilized. Transforming the Data Landscape: Solutions to Close Gender Data Gaps shifts the conversation from identifying gender data problems to finding practical solutions to gender data gaps. This report and the accompanying Gender Data Solutions Inventory document innovative solutions that have emerged in the last five years. The inventory catalogs 142 solutions that are practical and, in many instances, scalable across six development sectors(economic opportunity, education, environment, health, human security and public participation). It also includescross-domain solutions focused on improving the governance of statistical systems andencouraging the use of data and statistics by policymakers and the public. Read the report.

  • World Bank Enterprise Surveys

    This database houses World Bank surveys on the business environment.

  • Global Financial Inclusion Survey (Global Findex)

    Financial inclusion is on the rise globally, yet women remain 9 percentage points less likely than men to have a bank account. The Global Findex database is the world’s most comprehensive data set on how adults save, borrow, make payments, and manage risk.  The database has been published every three years since 2011 with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The data are collected in partnership with Gallup, Inc., through nationally representative surveys of more than 150,000 adults in over 140 economies.  Explore the database here.

  • World Population and Housing Census Database

    This database shows census results – a key source of gender data.

  • Labour Force Surveys

    This database houses available data from Labour Force Surveys.

  • Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey

    This database houses tools and data related to MIC surveys.

  • Demographic and Health Survey Program

    This database provides data from over 400 demographic and health surveys.

  • Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index

    This database measures women’s empowerment in agriculture.

  • Women, Business, and the Law

    This database measures gender inequality in the law.

  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) Financial Access Survey

    This database is a key source of global supply-side data on financial inclusion.

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