We strengthen the production and use of gender data

We need high-quality, policy-relevant data on the lives of women and girls. And we need insights from this data to be understood and used to inform decision making. It is our mission to make this happen.

How do we do this?

We partner with data producers to improve established data systems

With our partners in multilateral agencies, governments, and the private sector, we work to improve standards guiding data collection efforts. We convene organizations with a shared interest in improving data on specific areas—such as unpaid work or financial inclusion—to encourage harmonization in data collection practices. Through these efforts, we are changing the way women’s activities are captured in data systems.

We experiment with new data sources and methods

Though we believe that advances in gender data cannot happen without improvements to existing data systems, we also recognize that new data sources can provide deep insights into the lives of women and girls. We are tapping into the potential of “big data” and ensuring that these data advances consider gender implications.

We build gender data expertise

Finally, we know that a skilled workforce underscores any improvements that are made in gender data production and use. We invest in gender data’s future by supporting organizations with the mandate and expertise to guide gender data production and use.

In partnership with data producers and leading researchers and academics, we are helping create a new data ecosystem which counts and values the lives and experiences of all people. Gender data is integral to this vision and we are proud to serve as translators between data producers and users.

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