Take Action on Gender Data for Climate Justice

March 18, 2022

On March 23 from 9AM to 9PM EDT, Data2X will partner with ARROW, DIVA, IUCN, IWDA, Open Data Watch, PARIS21, WEDO and Women Deliver for a 12-hour Tweetathon underscoring the importance of gender data at CSW66 and beyond. This Twitter campaign will be divided into themed sections — ranging from the necessity of gender data for climate justice, to the importance of youth and feminist leadership in addressing the gendered impacts of climate change.

Schedule of Events (EST):

9am-11am — Why gender data is needed for climate justice
11am-1pm — What does feminist climate action mean to you?
1pm-4pm — Resources tweet chain
4pm-5pm — Happy hour
5pm-7pm — What works for building climate resilience
7pm-9pm — The future we want

Use These Tweets to Join the Conversation

📊 Key #GenderData on how girls & women experience #ClimateChange is missing. At #CSW66, the world must commit to financing, collecting, & using gender data to build smarter policies. Read on for more from @Data2X: https://bit.ly/3qkSrYp   

🌍 #GenderData is critical to effective, gender-responsive #ClimateAction. But data on the #gender #environment nexus is lacking. #CSW66 is the moment to act: https://data2x.org/the-climate-crisis-demands-feminist-data-solutions-and-csw66-is-the-moment-to-act/ 

❓Why should we invest in #GenderData during & after #CSW66? 🚨 Critical gender data systems are underfunded by $450 million yearly.  ☝️And that’s only 1 of 10 (!) reasons to fill the gender data funding gap: https://data2x.org/10-reasons-we-must-urgently-fund-gender-data/ 

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