Gender Data: Why and How to Use Gender Statistics to Propel Your Advocacy

Topic: Understanding Gender Data
Type: Webinar
Author: data Date: March 2019

Achieving progress for girls and women depends on quality gender data to drive evidence-based policy and decision-making. But too often, it doesn’t exist.

This webinar equips advocates with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to use gender data to drive progress for girls and women. It features discussions by experts on the need and importance of gender statistics, in addition to best practices on finding, collecting, and effectively leveraging gender data in advocacy.

This webinar originally aired on March 27, 2019. Speakers include:

  • Susan Papp, Managing Director of Policy and Advocacy at Women Deliver
  • Nina Rabinovitch Blecker, Director of Communications at Data2X
  • GaĆ«lle Ferrant, Economist and Gender Programme Coordinator at OECD
  • Alison Holder, Director of Equal Measures 2030
  • Albert Motivans, Head of Data and Insights at Equal Measures 2030

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