Bridging the Gap: Mapping Gender Data Availability in Latin America and the Caribbean

Topic: Understanding Gender Data
Type: Report
Author: data, Open Data Watch Date: August 2020
Foundational Gender Data Resource

Where are there gaps in gender data in five Latin American and Caribbean countries, why do these gaps occur, and what can be done to fill them?

This report builds on our 2019 technical report, Bridging the Gap: Mapping Gender Data Availability in Africa, but shifts the geographic focus to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

It reports on the availability of gender data in Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Paraguay at the international, national, and microdata levels, and it assesses the availability of 93 gender indicators, their disaggregations, and their frequency of observation in international and national databases and publications.

Additionally, with the assistance of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC), the report documents the availability of statistical indicators to support gender development plans in the five countries.

Through this report, we hope to help move the development community one step closer to producing high-quality and policy-relevant gender indicators to inform better decisions.

Read the report.

Read the Key Findings and Recommendations.

Read the methodology report.

Read Bridging the Gap: Mapping Gender Data Availability in Africa.

The below country profiles provide an in-depth look into each of the LAC countries profiled in this Bridge the Gap report.

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