New Two-Year Grant from the Generation Foundation Aims to Advance Unpaid Work Policy Through Data

Data2X October 03, 2023


Contact: Caity Garvey, Communications Manager, at

Washington, D.C. – Data2X, a civil society organization championing the better collection, analysis, and use of gender data, is pleased to announce the receipt of a two-year grant from the Generation Foundation. This generous support will enable us to further our work on the intersection of unpaid work, women’s time, and data, with a focus on enhancing the case for and informing policy at the national level.

Unpaid work, often performed by individuals in their households and communities, plays a vital but often underappreciated and unrecognized role in society. This work encompasses activities such as childcare, eldercare, and domestic responsibilities. It is essential labor in our communities, yet its contribution to our overall well-being and economic stability is frequently overlooked. Our work, through the support of this grant, seeks to demonstrate how data on unpaid work, particularly the time women spend on it, can support the case for and inform policy that recognizes, reduces and redistributes unpaid care to empower women and drive gender-inclusive economies.

Data2X’s Executive Director, Krista Jones Baptista, expressed her gratitude for the Generation Foundation’s support, saying, “This grant is a significant contribution to our effort to advance the recognition of unpaid work. Through this support, we can further our work in harnessing the power of data to drive positive change in policies that support and enable women’s economic and social contributions.”

This research is set to commence immediately, and regular updates on its progress and findings will be made available through Data2X’s website and communications channels.

About Data2X:

Data2X is a civil society organization and gender data alliance working with partners to improve the production and use of gender data through strategic partnerships, research, advocacy, and communications.

About the Generation Foundation:

The Generation Foundation is a UK registered charity, founded in 2004 alongside Generation Investment Management LLP, the sustainable investment firm. Its vision is an equitable society in which global temperature rises do not exceed 1.5⁰C. In pursuit of this, the Foundation operates a proactive grant-making and research program that focuses on four priority areas: investor climate action; carbon pricing; gender inclusion and empowerment; and action on economic inequality.

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