A Gender Data Network to Drive Gender Equality, Accelerate Economic Recovery and Build Resilience

Data2X July 21, 2022


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Washington, DC—Data2X, in partnership with PARIS21, Open Data Watch, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), is pleased to formally commit the Gender Data Network (GDN), a network of gender data experts from national statistical systems in more than 20 countries, as a technical assistance partner to the W20. In this role, the Gender Data Network will help guide the W20 to elevate gender data within its agenda, working to inform policy best practices that identify and respond to the needs of the most vulnerable, foster economic inclusion and strengthen resilience. 

The lives of women and girls in all their diversity are multifaceted, as are the roles they play in their communities. As the world grapples with overlapping crises that threaten to erode decades of progress on gender equality and inclusive development, it has become clear that women and girls not only have unique needs and challenges that must be addressed, but also offer essential contributions to economic recovery and long-term resilience, advancing equity, and ending discrimination. Gender data provides a pathway for making these challenges and contributions visible

Currently, eight out of the top 10 bilateral donors to gender data are G20 members or permanent guests. Yet despite this commitment, core gender data systems remain underfunded by an estimated $500 million per year, and significant challenges also remain around the use of gender data in policy. A formal structure that brings together data users and producers, technical experts and policymakers is a critical first step to closing the gender data policy gap and ensuring the sustainability of W20 and G20 priorities and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Data2X, coordinating with GDN partners, is well positioned with the expertise and relationships to support the establishment of the first-ever W20 network and working group dedicated to this issue through the Gender Data Network. In 2022, the Gender Data Network will further expand its presence to include Asia in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

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About Data2X

Data2X is a civil society organization and gender data alliance working with partners to improve the production and use of gender data through strategic partnerships, research, advocacy, and communications. 

About PARIS21

The Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) promotes the better use and production of statistics throughout the developing world. Since its establishment in 1999, PARIS21 has successfully developed a worldwide network of statisticians, policy makers, analysts, and development practitioners committed to evidence-based decision making.

About Open Data Watch 

ODW is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization that monitors progress and provides assistance to organizations that produce and manage official statistics on how to use open and accessible data to meet Sustainable Development Goals.


Established by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 1958 as one of the UN’s five regional commissions, The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s mandate is to promote the economic and social development of its member States, foster intra-regional integration, and promote international cooperation for Africa’s development.

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