• Sampling

    The process of selecting a number of items or people from all items or people in a population where selection is based on a randomized process with a known probability of selection. For example, selecting a portion of the entire national population to be interviewed for a survey.

  • Sampling frame

    A list of items or people forming a population from which a sample is taken. For example, the results of a population census can be used as a sampling frame for smaller surveys.

  • Representativeness

    Process used to be certain that a sample is representative of the population. Ensures each population unit has an equal opportunity of inclusion in the survey.

  • Head of household

    The person in the “family” who has primary authority and responsibility for household affairs and in the majority of cases, is its chief economic support. Or the person whom the household members designate as head. Assumes that most households are family households (in other words, they consist entirely of persons related by blood, marriage or adoption, except possibly for in-home, non-family domestic workers).

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