COVID-19 Resources: Gender Data, Gender, and Data

Gender data is necessary for a gender-sensitive response to COVID-19. This is true not only for alleviating the immediate health crisis but also for crafting policy measures to mitigate the long-term impacts of the pandemic on women’s livelihoods and well-being. It is crucial that gender data remain a priority commitment for the global community both before and after the current outbreak. With this in mind, Data2X is monitoring organizations currently advocating for gender data collection and use worldwide in addition to collating resources on gender and COVID-19. Data2X will undertake further analysis of longer-term impacts in the coming weeks — and in particular, consider the gender data necessary for governments to design comprehensive and gender-sensitive social and economic policy responses to the global pandemic. This compilation of gender data, gender, and data resources related to COVID-19 aims to inform policymakers, governments, decision-makers, and researchers who want to understand and respond … Continue reading COVID-19 Resources: Gender Data, Gender, and Data